Finding Your Spirit Animal- A Meditation

This is my modified version of the meditation that my first teacher taught me to find my spirit animal.  Sit down and get comfortable. If you have some music that is simple drumming, listen to that while doing this meditation. It might help to tape yourself reading this or have a friend read it to you.

An important note is that if you encounter a domesticated animal along your path, thank it for showing itself, but send it on its way. If you encounter a snake or a bat, these are healing creatures. Thank them, too, but send them on their way. These animals are not your spirit animals.

Sit comfortably on the ground and close your eyes. Feel your energy extending down into the ground – Down and down to the middle of the Earth. Ask the Earth to help you on your journey and pull the energy it is offering you up into your stomach. Feel it warm your very core. Now extend your energy up into the Sky. Feel it sweep across the clouds, spreading out until it circles the globe. Ask the Sky to help you on this journey you are about to take. Now pull the energy down through your crown chakra, down through your third eye, through your throat and heart chakras, and down into your stomach. Feel the energy there mix with that from the Earth. Feel it push out of you until it encases you in a sphere of glowing light. Know that you are safe.

You are in the woods. You are on a path. What do you see? What do you hear? Start to walk down this path.

You come to a clearing where there is a field. Walk through it.

You see a lake in front of you. Walk into it. Feel the water slipping up over your body as you walk further and further into it. Feel it come up over your head. You take in a breath to discover that you can breathe underneath this water.

Begin to swim. Swim deeper and deeper, spiraling down towards the bottom. You come across a cave and decide to swim into it. It leads you deeper and deeper still. It opens up finally into clear water. Swim until you find the edge of this lake, and slowly come out of the water.

You find yourself in a field. Walk into it until you feel like stopping. Now wait. You will see an animal come towards you. Be sure to watch carefully because it could be very little. What animal is it?

The animal comes close to you, unafraid. Reach out and touch it. Feel what it is like. Ask it if it has any information for you that it would like you to have. Spend as much time as you like with it, but when you’re ready to journey back thank it for being there for you.

When you are ready, begin to feel yourself back in your body. Slowly become aware of the noises around you. Breathe. Open your eyes.

Check back tomorrow for ways to honor your spirit animal now that you know what it is!