Makers Wanted!

During my blogging silence, I’m working on getting together a spiritual supply business. Are you a Pagan or Polytheist maker?  I’m interested in your work and products.  I’m putting together both subscription services and a regular shop, and I’d love to see what you have available.  I want what I’m doing to have direct benefits to my fellow makers and craftspeople in the community.

Right now I’m looking for small items that can be sold to me with bulk (not quite wholesale) pricing (think incense, candles, apothecary, etc), and if feedback is good it will have wholesale opportunities. I will allow you to include promotional material on where people can buy your supplies directly from you if your items are selected for inclusion in the subscription.  Items should be under $5 each retail.

However, those with larger items that could possibly be sold in a consignment-type situation, I’d love to see what you have for future consideration.

Link me to your wares in the comments, or email me privately at notawiccan (at) gmail (dot) com with information. A sample would be greatly appreciated, but I will accept great feedback on an online marketplace as a sign that what you make is awesome.

Please note that if it is jewelry that you sell, unless it is vastly different than what I can make and high quality, I probably will not be interested in it for this.  That likely means you’re asking prices outside of my interested range currently.  However, link below anyway, since self-promotion is a hard thing to do and I want to support you too!


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