Mother. Homemaker. Urban homesteader. Novice herbalist. Homeschooler. Religious Educator. Artist. Craftswoman. Sibyl. Godspouse. Revivalist. Pagan. Unitarian Universalist. Unabashedly Polytheist. 


5 thoughts on “Camilla

  1. Hi Meganne….usually when I answer something like this I find out that’s so off the current date as to be useless/ridiculous. Here goes anyway….for Our wedding ceremony we did it like this.
    Hubby = Catholic, his family too to varying degrees.
    Myself = Celtic & Native American Blend Pagan
    Our officiant also did Corinthians (my just states the concept RIGHT, ya know).
    A rather non-denominational trading of the traditional vow set…his choice.
    He stated to me that…..”That is the point at which I know I will FEEL married”
    Blessing of the rings/ exchange them.
    Blessing of the hands….our officiant choice…she said it just FELT right. And led nicely into…
    Handfasting / binding as a ceremony element ( like blending sand or a unity candle)….My choice. I didn’t want to freak his family out…but I told him the same….”that’s when I’ll FEEL it”.
    The portion of his family that weren’t aware of the significance of entwining the cords around our joined hands commented that…”It was so beautiful & creative….where did you find that?”
    At which point my loving and accepting mother in law said…..”That’s how witches get married.”
    You could see the memories of random comments made and herbal remedies offered over several months come together at warp speed in their minds. They looked @ my husband with questioning eyes and he answered…”She put a spell on me.”


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