Currently I am not offering services while focusing on teaching and writing. However, if it’s an emergency please reach out.

Sibyl Services

If you have a pressing need or for some reason have not been able to get a chance to take advantage of my monthly oracle call, I offer spiritual consultations and services. I am available via Zoom or email. Those local to Columbia, Missouri, may be able to schedule an in-person reading.

My preferred amount of time for in-person and Zoom consultations is 30 minutes, which allows for us to work through any clarification you may need. The cost for 30 minutes is $50. If you feel comfortable with a shorter amount of time, I can schedule you for 15 minutes for $25. At this time, due to my chronic fatigue issues, I prefer not to schedule more than 30 minutes of reading time.

Email is my preferred mode of contact, because this allows for far less schedule juggling. A quick single question reading is $20 with a single follow-up for clarification purposes. For a larger situation, I offer a full reading with 2 follow-up emails for $50.

For multiple readings booked at once over a set amount of time, I do offer package discounts. Please contact me to inquire on the number of readings you have in mind, so that I can name my rate.

What I provide is a spiritual service. I am not a liscensed medical professional or financial planner, so I will not provide you information regarding your health or finances. I will also not answer questions about whether Gods wish to enter into a marriage with you.

To book a session, please email me at notawiccan(at)gmail(dot)com with your preference to Skype or email correspondence, and I will get a Paypal invoice to you. At this time beyond my limited number of monthly oracle sessions, I do not offer free readings. In some limited cases, I am able to barter, but I reserve the right to say no.