Self-Promotion Thursday: New Jewelry and an Early Sale Announcement!

It’s been a while since I’ve put up new jewelry pictures and links, so I’m going to work harder at getting that done on Thursdays.  I’m working on getting an actual art and jewelry blog up and running, but I’m not moving too fast on it.  Stick around, because I’m running a sale this weekend at my Etsy shop and you’ll find a coupon code that starts today at the bottom of this post. (I honor the discounted price on pieces placed on layaway during sales, by the way.)

New in the Etsy shop this week:

A black butterfly wing with blue and orange spots along its edge encased in a stain glass pendant.  It is attached to a rosary-style chain with peacock blue pearls and 5 larger brown smoky quartz beads.
Click picture to visit the listing.

I’m really excited to be teaching myself how to do stained glass, which eventually I hope to start building wardian case greenhouses and display cases for things like Ancestor relics.  I’m not there yet, but it’s the dream!

This is a Red-spotted Purple butterfly wing that was found naturally-expired in a relative’s garden.  I’ve encased it between 2 sheets of glass and used lead-free solder around the edges.  The pendant has been put on a rosary-style beaded chain that includes peacock blue pearls and 10mm brown smokey quartz beads.  The metal of the chain, including the hand-forged hook clasp, is copper.  And that hook clasp?  It’s been placed to the front of the necklace instead of the back, which is a style I’m moving towards for ease of use as well as aesthetic.  I know I’m not the only person out there that has issues clasping necklaces behind their heads.

The necklace is seconds quality, because a bit of flux slipped between the glass while I was making this.  It won’t structurally harm anything, but it does show up.  Therefore this piece has a 50% discount.

A sterling silver palmette-shaped filigree earring with a cluster of amethyst beads and jade green chrysoprase tear drop underneath.
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These are actually older earrings that I am just getting around to listing.  They include my hand-made filigree pieces, variagated amethyst beads, and faceted chrysoprace briolettes.

A pair of long earrings consisting of an ivory and red handmade bead, 3 clear herkimer diamonds, 2 red garnets, hand-cut sterling silver hearts, and black sapphire teardrops
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And some newer ones, featuring self-representing artisan-made lampwork beads, Herkimer diamonds, garnets, and black sapphire briolettes.  Oh, and hand-cut sterling silver hearts that I’ve texturized and put an oxidized patina on.  These lovelies measure almost 4-inches long.

Click picture to visit the listing.
Click picture to visit the listing.

Finally, there is this bracelet, which is another piece from my death-related line of mourning and memorial jewelry.  The beads are antique French jet, which are a wee bit chipped and definitely worn between the late 1800s and 1930.  I’ve made them into a brushed sterling silver chain and haphazardly stamped a Pablo Naruda quote onto them from his poem The Dead Woman.  Oh!  And lace.  Because lace.

But what about that sale announcement I promised?  Yes, from today until November 2nd, you can take 20% off in my Etsy shop with no minimum purchase.  Use code Samhain2015 at checkout.

I’ll be back in the next few days with photos from our Ancestor shrine.  But until then, have a great weekend with your Ancestors for those of you celebrating Them!

New Bobby Pins in My Etsy Shop!

Three bobby pins made with 2 round blue buttons and 1 button that is shaped like a daisy
Three blue bobby pins made from vintage buttons.  I love these for holding my veil in place when offering outside on windy days!  Click to see them in my Etsy shop!

I’ve been terrible about updating my Etsy shop lately, and partially it’s because I need to break down and get something to model necklaces on.  Yesterday I started putting together bobby pin sets made with vintage buttons while organizing my button stash.  My daughter and I are digging out the little buttons to string onto copper metal hearts, since much of my vintage button stash comes from my great-grandmothers’ stashes.  We’re going to decorate our Ancestor shrine in the upcoming days with the button hearts and skulls we’ve painted together.

Three bobby pins made with antique yellow buttons on an antique book background
Yellow and mustard bobby pin set – Click to see the Etsy listing!

The bobby pin sets have been something I’d pondered doing for a while, since I don’t have uses for single buttons that I’ve squirreled away over the years.  I’m trying to use supplies I already have before we move next summer.

Two red and one burgundy vintage buttons made into bobby pins sit on a tan antique book cover

When I was still able to cover my hair, I loved using decorative bobby pins for my scarves wrapped in tichel-style, and I imagine these would work nicely for other types of veiling.  Now I use them to hold my veil when outside and giving offerings without having to put a knot into anything (which is a no-no for the discerning Roman).

3 bobby pins made to 2 pink bobby pins with smaller white buttons and one larger darker pink button. 3 bobby pins made with 3 different gray buttons

Of course, I also just love them for a little extra in my hair when I wear it up, too.  Especially now that my hair is growing out again.

There is a little bit more hiding in my Etsy shop, since I promised some friends a shop update.  Stay tuned, because I’m considering a sale in the upcoming weeks!