Fall Equinox Conversations at the Foxglove House

Background: Mr Foxglove is an agnostic humanist.  He is pro-raising our children Polytheist/Pagan as long as we stress that it’s the duty in our life to help our fellow man simply because it’s the right thing to do instead of where we go afterwards, which obviously fits in with my worldview perfectly.  After this many years, though, Mr Foxglove has developed some rather peculiar Pagan outlooks on things and is in complete denial about it…  I am starting to record them, because while it’s maddening to me, it’s kind of hilarious at the same time.

Today’s conversation thus far…

Mr Foxglove: Hey, what are we going to do for the Fall Equinox?

Camilla: I hadn’t really planned on much for the family this year.  My tradition states this is when Apollon begins his journey towards Hyperborea for the winter, so prayers and offerings for that.

Mr Foxglove: Heh.  Apollon goes to Florida for the winter…

Camilla: No!  He goes to Hyper- Actually, that’s pretty accurate.