Beliefs: The Divine

Lately I’ve really been meditating on my understanding of Divinity.  I think it’s partially because I’m really digesting the book Evolutionary Witchcraft by T. Thorn Coyle, and it deals a lot with the Divine and how It (or in the case of Feri, She) works within us.  I understand how many religions and spiritual paths define the Divine, and I really appreciate it.  It’s led me to attempt to define my views and explanations on the matter.  Since I’m dedicating these ideas to paper, I thought I might as well share what it is I believe.  This comes from personal gnosis and study of other religions.

I’m planning on doing a series of blog posts covering my beliefs, because I feel that strengthening them by putting them down is very important.  My guidance tells me that one of my duties (calling?) is to be a teacher, but I’m pretty avoidant of that at this age (Come on!  I’m only going to be 28 this month!).  Maybe this will help me in the future though.  Who knows.

I’d love to see what others believe, too, because I find that sharing is so important.

In the beginning there was only the Divine.  And from Its own Chaos, in order to understand Itself, it separated out into hundreds of aspects – What we experience as the Gods, who then took the Divine’s creative spark and made everything we know and understand.  That is because the Divine’s nature is to create in order to understand, so too we create to understand ourselves.

That is because the Divine is within us, too.  It is everything – We see this down to the very particles in which we are made.  The Divine is the electrical current than runs through our very atomic matter.

The urges that the Divine has are our own urges – Both positive and negative – for true understanding is a neutral thing with no light or dark.

It is everything.  It is the air we breathe.  It is the Earth we live on.  It is a galaxy that we don’t even realize is there yet.  The Divine is limitless to us, and limited within itself.  It is so complex and full of paradox (and so simple because of this) that we find it easier to relate to the aspects that we feel drawn to – The Gods.

The Divine is not female, nor is It male.  The Divine contains within It, as a complete being, both sexes.

It is benevolent.  It is cruel.  It holds a scholarly interest in all things and an artistic nature – An urge to create and destroy at will.  I liken It to a child learning, but that is probably only one side of the coin.  Being complete within Itself, one would think that It would already be in the full bloom of understanding.  So perhaps the word I’m looking for is experiencing.  It is experiencing and exploring Itself.

So there you go.  My take on what is, part one.  *blush*