Lately I’ve been trying to make some positive changes in my life. It’s that time of year when I start feeling the pull towards making my life more… Complete isn’t the right word, but it’s the closest one I can think of at six o’clock in the morning. Fulfilling! That’s the word I’m looking for. I figured this year instead of waiting for Samhain to come along to start with resolutions, I’d just do them early since I’ve been in the mood to.

In order to keep myself in line, I figured I might as well post my resolutions up onto my blog. That way maybe I’ll feel the need to keep up with them when I don’t feel like it. So here goes…

1. I will wean myself off the bottle. Not milk. Not alcohol. Soda. Glorious diet cherry Pepsi soda. I drink way, way too much of it, and I don’t want to drink it anymore at home. I’ve decided when I’m out to eat I will treat myself to it. So lately I’ve worked on drinking more tea with stevia, which I’ve actually found myself falling in love with even more than soda. I drink a couple cups of mate before meditating. I try, though not my hardest, to drink a glass of water in between glasses of other things, but you can’t change everything at once and expect to stick with it.

2. I will keep my apartment clean. This one is hard, hard, and hard. I’m a busy girl. I’m a Libra (living with a Virgo. Yikes!). I have been diagnosed with AD/HD. I have a world of excuses as to why my apartment is a cluttered mess. But seriously, the excuses need to stop. My home is supposed to be a sanctuary and temple. Making this a spiritual duty has made it easier on me lately.

You should see my spotless kitchen! I started there, because the kitchen is the modern hearth, the place of nurturing and altar to Hestia. I’m keeping it clean for this month. Next month I start in on the bedroom, which is where I’m going to keep my new altar. I’m going from room to room month by month. I’ve been trying FLYlady, but it’s just not working for me the way it is at this point (Though I love it). So I’m making up my own rituals and plans to get my apartment prettified.

3. I will get back into my spirituality. This one is off to a great start! I have this blog to thank, all the encouragement that’s come via comments from people, and all the great blog posts I’ve been reading by other authors. Thank you so much. Ya’ll are the best.

4. I will celebrate the wheel of the year. I’m actually really excited about this one. I have big dinners planned for the next two sabbats where I’ve invited my parents to come celebrate, too. I’m not the biggest formal ritual girl, but I’m going to give it more of a go. Rituals can be simple. They don’t all have to be as formal as the ones I used to carry out as a teenager (straight from books).

5. I will, however, try to keep up on my daily devotions and rituals. Like I’ve taken to cleaning my stove every morning to the point where it sparkles for Hestia. And when I wash my face and brush my teeth, I pray to Apollo – God of Purification and one of my patrons. I’m still trying to think of something to do for Hecate, but I’ll get there – Suggestions are welcome, of course! (I do need to keep up on my monthly new moon devotions to her.)

There’s a lot more, but I think for now five is enough. Change doesn’t happen overnight, and if I load myself up too much I won’t change at all.


7 thoughts on “Resolutions

  1. Great resolutions. 🙂 I love your devotional ideas, do you have any more? That's also how we celebrate sabbats – through a ritual meal and just overall meditating about the season, possibly a seasonal activity – no big ceremonies here.


  2. Awesome resolutions! I have some visual processing issues (sensory processing disorder) and so the clutter overwhelms me to me having a panic attack instead of doing anything about it once it gets bad, so I hear you about your ADHD getting in the way!Is it really so hard for a Libra to live with a Virgo? I'm a Virgo and my 3rd child is a Libra. We get along pretty well-I appreciate her peacekeeping. But she's still young. 😉


  3. Hm, let's see… When I water my plants, I talk to Demeter. When I work on my jewelry, I ask for inspiration and creativity (and patience) from Apollo. I also wear a ring at all times symbolizing what is basically a marriage of sorts to Apollo – So when I find myself playing with it, I return to thoughts of him.Just little things like that. I basically have a habit of praying all day long.


  4. I love living with a Virgo. He's completely grounding. I think he's probably more frustrated by me than I am with him. Haha. We are polar opposites in just about everything, though, so we compliment each other well.


  5. Wow I love the idea of daily devotionals. I've never considered doing anything while brushing my teeth and washing my face but those activities are so important to me so it makes complete sense to make them into a devotional. Thanks for the inspiration!


  6. Maybe this sounds stupid, but what about making a daily walk to a crossroads for Hecate? It might be the nearest one, or the next one, or maybe there's one a little farther along that holds a bit more meaning to you for whatever reason? It could be like a little pilgrimage that can last as long as you need it to where you can pray to Hecate. It's public, but nobody needs to know it's a religious practice. Nobody will think anything of it (unless you mutter to yourself like the apparitions of Hecate that used to find me). And it also has the added benefit of getting you out of the house. Earth signs can be grounding, but they can also be stifling. Get your Libran self out into the open air and get a little exercise at the same time. You could even leave flowers or something at the crossroads for Hecate if you wanted to.No Vulcan or Hephaestus or Ogoun while making your pretties?I like the cleaning idea. 'Natara is always talking about how your home should be sacred space, anyway. That also forces you to be more mindful about what you do within that space.


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