The other day I was just bragging about how my apartment was sort of a dead zone from spirits – I’ve lived in some very, very haunted places in my life. Well, crap! Now things are starting to happen here!

Most of the time I’m just annoyed by it. Like I said, I’ve lived with ghosts and spirits most of my life, because being a medium sort of attracts things to you like you’re a freakin’ magnet. But I am going to complain about this guy, because he keeps making me jump. Plus he won’t seem to leave me alone. I hate when they’re stubborn.

So two nights ago Mr. NaW (the boyfriend) had gone to bed. I’m sitting at my computer when I hear a thump. I go to investigate what it was. His contact case is across the bathroom. Not just on the ground near the counter, but across the room by the bathtub. I thought to myself that it was just Jasper being a jerk, but then I turned around to see Jasper passed out in Mr. NaW’s chair. The other cat, Mouse, was in bed with Mr. NaW.

Great. I’ve got an object-mover, which is the only kind of ghost or spirit that still freaks me out a little… I’m just a jumpy person and this really, really gets my attention.

I’m writing this now, because I’m up at four in the morning, and lo and behold Mr. NaW’s computer just turned on by itself. It didn’t even get all the way through booting up before it shut down completely.

Fifteen minutes later? The light starts flicker on and off. Dude, I realize you’re there. Knock it off. Go towards the light or just go away. I guess I’ll have to give this guy a good talking to when I’ve had more sleep.

Annoying? Totally. I just had to whine.


2 thoughts on “Fan-freakin’-tastic

  1. LOL! Give 'em hell! I've had to give a lecture from time to time – giggle – when something or someone or other is bugging the kittens. I'm glad I've never had an object-mover though…hmm…I probably should watch what I say!


  2. Talking is all well and good, but if you have to sage 'em, you have to sage 'em. Or call the Ghostbusters! (They should make a third installment once all the Ghostbusters are geriatric!)


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