Monday Meditation: New Glasses

Whoa, whoa, whoa, three entries in a month with two in the week?! I’m on a roll!

Yesterday I got new glasses for the first time in six years. In that time my prescription went up from a +1 to a +2, which for those non-spectacle-wearers is just short of a whole lot. I liken it to going up three or four pant sizes and somehow still managing to squeeze into your old jeans – Which has also happened to me at one point in my life without realizing it somehow.

Somehow, being the unapologetic living-in-my-brain-more-than-in-the-real-world-type, I am prone to not noticing long-term changes if it changes on a day-to-day basis. Somewhere I read that moving a cat’s litter box or even toilet training them could be done in the same manner – I’m pretty sure cats and I actually live on the same plane of existence. Inch-by-inch you move the litter box. Day-by-day you go a little blinder. Bite-by-bite your butt gets bigger.

But, attempting gently to pull myself away from pondering the size of my rump, I want to return to these most magical glasses that I put on for the first time yesterday. Slipping them on my nose and adjusting them on my nose, I was absolutely shocked. Shocked, I tell you. I managed through small miracle to keep this surprise to a couple dazed blinks in the middle of JC Penney’s optical department.

What was so befuddling, despite knowing that I needed new glasses, was not realizing how badly I had needed them. There are many days, after all, that I hadn’t even bothered wearing them because I thought I was seeing clearly.

Guess what? The world is not soft and fuzzy around the edges – I didn’t even realize I was seeing it as such! My mind was quick to consider all of this, and I had a sudden epiphany that a lot of things in my life have been like the glasses.

Clutter due to winter blahs has made my living space blurry. And let’s face it – My windows, smudged over the month by the wet nose of an excited cat, are about as clean as my old lenses on the final day I wore them.

My attitude, worst of all, hasn’t been as clear and true as it could be.

I suppose that’s what I’m trying to get at… Little by little, it is easy to fall into old habits. I think after 29 years of living, I have just realized this morning that unless I keep on top of things I’ll let life get into a state of disarray without even noticing it. I mean, I realized it before, but thinking on it now caused it to make sense.

There is, of course, a happy medium to it all – Going from completely procrastinating to utter control freak in 24 hours is just a recipe for disaster. Sadly some days I just don’t have the energy to keep on top of things even, but even that is something to work on.

I invite you, though, to take a new look at your life and see if there’s some habit or situation you’ve recently not been seeing clearly. Perhaps, like me, something has changed in such small ways over time that you’ve not noticed the big change. This is the time of year we should be searching out our goals on what we’d like to grow over the upcoming seasons – It’s just like planning your summer gardens!

I know I will be deciding what seeds I want to plant within myself so that I can start cultivating my inner-growth in preparation for Vernal Equinox. I’m thankful that the world gave me the opportunity to see more clearly by finally forcing me to get new glasses at just the right time.


2 thoughts on “Monday Meditation: New Glasses

  1. I feel like a heel for coming to comment here right after you commented at mine lol But I am SO happy you did leave a comment on mine because it brought me to this post and I needed to read this post more than I needed to post my own on my page ( if that makes sense lol).This post touches so much of whats been going on with me that its scary!This was such a good read for me and I want to thank you for posting this and sharing. It was much needed for me.And I actually need to get new glasses too lol


  2. Oh, I'm so glad it could be of help! When I wrote it, I wasn't sure if it was even going to make sense to anyone but me.I've talked to a few other people about the general subject of this post, and I think we're not alone. So surely we won't be alone while working on our things too. :)Thank you for commenting!


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