Froggy Came A-Courtin’

A rather hideous cold overtook me for about a week and derailed regular posting.  Then I spent the rest of the time getting ready for an insane journey to New Orleans.  I was only in the city for about 16 hours and most of it was spent sleeping.  I can’t help but be disappointed about my first trip to New Orleans, because other than seeing Congo Square I didn’t really have any time to get a very good feel for the things about the city that I have an interest in.  Heck, it doesn’t even feel like I was there.  It looks like the fiancé and I will be honey mooning there, though.

I can say, though, that I’m happy to be home.  Waking up in my own bed and getting back to see my container of radishes thriving was quite nice.  The plants that are growing seem to be thriving.

About three weeks ago, the frogs came out of their slumber around my home – Signaling to me that spring really was approaching.  I’ve never lived close enough to a body of water that allowed me to experience the arrival of the frogs.  Once again, I feel very blessed about where we are currently living.  With a creek running about 100 feet away, I am gifted with the Spring Peepers’ singing.

Last night while I was outside, I looked down to see one of my amphibian friends after hearing a strange noise by my feet.  As I watched it, it continued to hop repeatedly into my front door as if trying to jump through it.  I’m not sure if he was just trying to get away from me, he couldn’t see the giant white door in front of him, or exactly why he was determined to batter himself against something.  I’m assuming he was trying to get away from me and panicked, though, because when I stepped back more he calmed for a little while.

Eventually, though, I needed to go back inside.  I bent down in hopes of gently picking him up to take out to the yard.  No such luck.  He took to hopping back into things.  I’m a miserable frog catcher, because he was so little, I was afraid to hurt him.  I explained to him that there was a cat on the other side of the door that would love to hurt him, and I was just trying to move him to safety.  We finally agreed to him hopping along the door until he was away from it with the help of my novice frog-herding skills.

It was a nice welcome home for me.  Being the omen-believing girl that I am, I can only assume that it meant something.  In modern association, the frog is considered a sacred animal to Hecate.  (Note: perhaps ancient association, too, but I’ve not found the actual source of it beyond scholarly assumption that she evolved from Heket in Egypt.)  It was determined to get inside my home – Hecate ruling doorways.  Message from the goddess I hold so dear?  I’m thinking so.

I’ve not meditated on it.  Nor do I really plan to on a very formal level.  It means something, but I’m trying my hardest not to read what meaning I want into it.  Reading over various sources for what Frog means has given me a good foundation of understanding and possibilities…

Healing?  Fertility?  Self-transformation?  Yup, I need some of it all right now, thank you.

Okay, I’ve babbled on a little here.  I’m alive and well(ish).  I need to get my baking for the week done and catch up with family.  Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get written what I’ve promised…  Or something.

Oh! And I’m almost at 100 followers! Wow!