White Buffalo Calf Born in Texas & Scientists Trap Anti-Matter

The summer heat has rendered me unable to put together coherent thoughts.  Therefore, you are getting videos and links today.

1. A white buffalo calf was born in Texas in May showing all the proper markings for it to be one of the sacred animals of prophecy.

I’m interested in what this guy has to tell us.  He is seriously adorable, too.

A little more on the White Buffalo Prophecy and the outlook on it…

2.  And finally, Cora over at The Iconoclastic Domina, recently talked about dark matter and soil in relation to The Emerald Tablet (Cora, if you read this, please hit me if I paraphrased this incorrectly!).  Well, yesterday scientists were able to trap anti-matter for 15 or so minutes for the first time, which means they will be studying it soon.  Living with a physicist, I seem to latch onto these things that I admittedly don’t fully understand with interest, so I thought I would share…  Because on a gut level, without being capable of being eloquent about it today, I see it as an extension of “As Above, So Below,” too.