Giveaway Time!

I told myself when I got to 100 followers on my blog, I’d do some sort of giveaway. Well, I’m at 99 followers and 121 subscribers to my feed! I do believe that balances out, doesn’t it?

I’ve had this sculpture stashed away for a while. In high school (ages ago, cough), I did a series of Pagan gods and goddesses in clay. This was one of the smaller goddesses I made. She was intended to be a generic Triple Goddess, but I’ve personally always called her Diana.

She has been fired once in the kiln. So if you don’t care for her unfinished, a coat of primer and paint would work to add color to her. Or, if you have a kiln or know a place that does firing, you have the chance to glaze her!

All you have to do in order to win her is be a follower of my blog and comment below. If you don’t have an email in your profile or a blog that I can track you down on, please be sure to leave some way I can contact you.

This giveaway will end on July 13th, so there’s a small window to get signed up! I’ll be drawing a random number to pick the winner.


11 thoughts on “Giveaway Time!

  1. What I would do for 99 followers! I've got a few interesting/fun giveaways of my own waiting, but I'd like at least 30 followers. 😛 I do like your blog, though! 😀


  2. Good morning, Not-A-Wiccan!!I am not a Wiccan, either. I suppose the best description of my belief system would be Neo-Druid/pagan/heretic/herbalist.I've only just found your blog, so I can't really say more than that.I see your pic of a black cat, though. I've always been fond of black cats, but the cat I have now is pure snow white (not deaf), and his name is Merlyn, aka Magickal Mister Merlyn, aka Merlyncito.I'm fairly new to Facebook, so my "Notes" are still few.RespectfullyDeb


  3. I just found this blog, and within minutes, found your blog about wedding planning a multifaith ceremony.My wedding/handfasting is in 17 days. The day you wrote the blog, was the day we found out I was expecting our first child(and it was my birthday!)I FEEL your pain. He's, agnostic, at best, and I'm an eclectic Pagan.Also, until this year, Diana was my matron Goddess. This year, in light of all of the changes in my life, I've dedicated my year to Juno, though Diana still tugs my heart strings!I look forward to reading through your blog!Oh, and you have 10 times as many followers as me….I am jealous! Well, no, not really…LOL


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