Misogyny In Modern Hellenismos

My response in the discussion was completely and totally ignored by basically everyone *but* obviously 3 women and someone posting something about fools censoring artists on their private wall.

So this is the part of my response that I would like to repost to the Hellenic community:

I am even more concerned that we, as a group, are so willing to call out racism and homophobia, but when a woman speaks out that she’s offended and someone comes espousing sexism, it’s met with one or two voices speaking up against it at best and at worst support for the misogyny or outright silence. We are told how we should feel. We’re called names. We are told our religion is dominated by men or that we’re not of the same religion. Is this your Hellenism? Is this what you would want your own daughters to experience? Is this what you would want to experience yourself if you felt a group you were born into was being attacked? That’s what I ask the collective “you.” If this is a movement that is to be taken seriously and *grown* you can’t espouse a certain moral belief (equality, democracy, etc) without acting upon it, and you certainly can’t ease a person into living these vastly different cultural beliefs by shocking and offending them so greatly that they leave. What good does that do? So, yes, decorum and some level of agreed upon censorship in a public forum of those who may not have your exact worldview *is* necessary.