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Friends, it was just 2 weeks ago that I spoke of social services for our community in my Intro to Revivalism video.  Tonight I am scrambling to get a reasonable (terrible) picture up on my blog of a drawing I am hoping to auction off for exactly the type of situation I spoke of, hoping to drum up money for one of our own as she prepares to take her daughter and leave her abusive husband.

I have given what I can from my own pocket, but this is a spiritual sister, another of Apollon’s, that I am hoping to further help.  So with that said, the above picture is of the mixed media illustration I am auctioning with 100% of the amount going to her.  It is colored pencil, watercolor, and ink.  And it’s on heavy watercolor paper that is 9×12 in size.

I will be going to get this scanned on Monday, as I’d planned to sell prints of it at a later date, but as soon as I have it scanned I’ll be shipping it out to the winner.  I will also be covering shipping.

Starting bid is $25.  Please leave the amount you would like to bid in the comments along with the easiest way for me to get in touch with you to arrange money being sent via Paypal.  Your comments will go into moderation, but I’m pretty fast with getting them approved.

Bidding will end at 8 pm Central on Saturday the 19th of July.

If you are interested in simply donating to help a member of our community, please get in touch with me via my contact information or PM at Foxglove & Firmitas’ Facebook page.

Thank you!


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  1. maybe I should try something similar for her, in my German community. It is a gread idea.


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