Let Madness Reign

I loved this so hard I felt it imperative to share.

Beloved in Light

Let madness reign
Let panic pray
to the gods above
In the haunt of the dead
In the grove of the dove.
Let madness dance
Let panic laugh
While the wolf god is away
The saffron lord is drinking draughts
Of liquor honey and spice
Beyond the dragon eye of Koios
Beyond the howling breath of winter,
For now is the hour of Pan
Whose laugh is a whirling tune
Of O that madness that we seek
As we trip merrily along
Adorned in a festive array of color
And the masks are grinning in the dark
As we sip from the cup of his shepherd’s song.
The beer it runs, the wine it runs as blood
And like grinning clowns we drink it down
Our lips stained red with our feast
For the king of day is afar and away
And another day he shall strip from us our flesh;

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2 thoughts on “Let Madness Reign

  1. Oh, yum. Not only did I love this poem, but I now will send myself the link to the site which looks fascinating. Thanks!

    On Thu, Oct 16, 2014 at 7:21 AM, Foxglove & Firmitas wrote:

    > Camilla Laurentine posted: “I loved this so hard I felt it imperative > to share.”


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