Oracle Call for November 7th, 2014

At Apollon’s request, I will be offering oracle on the 7th of each Julian month in His honor.

I currently do not use any oracle tools nor do I channel. I simply interpret what I get told. So if you’re looking for someone who uses something more concrete, that is understandable, and I will happily make suggestions on others to go to should you decide you are in need. I reserve the right to use another form of oracle in the future should I be led to it, and in that case I will be sure to let you know what I’ve drawn in the event you wish to interpret it yourself.

I will be taking up to 5 readings during these sessions.

I do ask that you consider a free-will donation in trade for this service should you have an oracle done by me, to be given after. All monetary donations at this point will be saved for a tattoo that has been requested of me. Beyond that, I will be saving money back for the future temple I hope to see built in my lifetime for Apollon. However, He has made it known to me that He will accept digital copies of art and original prayers, released in creative commons for non-commercial, non-altered usage. All rights of ownership with remain with you, but I will be showcasing your work on this blog and would love to talk more about you as an artist and/or writer. This will be only for the 7th oracles that I offer this.

I will not be answering questions related directly to if Apollon is seeking you as a godspouse. I believe that He is more than capable of making this desire known, and I leave that in His hands.  However, if this comes up in my talk with Him, I promise not to leave it out of my message to you.

Finally, occasionally I get nothing as a response to the question. If that is the case, I will simply let you know with my apologies. This is one of the reasons why, in this case, I am asking for the trade of labor (art, prayers, money) afterward.

So with all of that said, if you would like an oracle done tomorrow, please leave me a message here. I will leave you a message with my email address in it, so that you may contact directly with your question. I will do my best to answer your question by the end of the day on the 7th, but depending on my health and household it may take up to 48 hours beyond the 7th.


3 thoughts on “Oracle Call for November 7th, 2014

  1. The question is within the poem I just wrote and it the gift I offer at the same time. If Apollo has an answer I would be most grateful.

    I would be happy to make a donation but I just spent all my extra money at someone’s Etsy shop on candles. 🙂


    Walking in the Sunshine 11-04-14

    After such a long dry spell between the deep times with the Priestess known as Dorothea and these current days It has thrilled me to feel the sun pouring into me As I take my daily walks Healing and comforting

    How is it that serving You and Your brothers Which filled my heart and being with the greatest joy Has left me feeling like an orphan on this world

    Yesterday the clouds and sun were playing hide go seek the sun rays were as drawn in the sky Golden beams coming down from the heavens I had to keep stopping to look at it

    I see the crows and I feel you close One day I swear there even was a walk on in the form of a beautiful young man who opened the door for me when I returned Blonde curly hair earrings in both ears and a smile that lit up all the worlds

    How, my Lord, do I take these moments of sustenance and weave a life out of them?

    How do I give of myself Satisfy the need of heart and spirit When I feel like I am lost in the desert?

    Sometimes I feel that it is selfish for me to ask these things So much was given to me in those days Yet this longing burns and nothing can quench it.


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