My Modern Feminist Mind

Misogyny and bullying.  Do not feed the trolls…  But let’s talk for a brief moment about the acceptability of allowing people to say things like this:

“the only people arguing in these communities are woman.maybe you should revive traditional roles of woman as well instead of picking and choosing what you like and incorporating it into your modern feminist minds.”

This was a comment left on my YouTube channel.  This isn’t the first time this sort of comment has been thrown at a friend or even myself in our community.  I cannot pass it off as simply trolls being trolls.  This, my friends, is actually a commonly held belief by certain males in our community.  In the last year this sort of statement has been made more than once to me.

Why?  Because I spoke my mind.  Apparently, friends, since I was born with a uterus I should sit back and let the men revive the faiths of our ancestors by themselves.  Apparently it’s only us women who are arguing about infrastructure, theology, or anything else.  (Yes, you may pause to laugh here.)

Allow me to explain something to the misogynists out there lurking in the shadows and hiding behind trolly comments, where you’re clearly putting out so much helpful dialogue…

We women are not going away.  You cannot rebuild anything without us.  And we feminists?  We’re going to keep reminding all the women out there that they don’t have to put up with this sort of out and out bullshit.  You can treat us like crap, but at the end of the day it doesn’t matter.


Some of us may fall into the traditional roles of our various traditions…

We may choose to be housewives and mothers.  But for some reason you seem to forget that we are the ones at home raising our children in the Polytheist and Pagan faiths.  We are the ones teaching the future generation what is right and wrong.  We are teaching in our vision and understanding of the world with our modern feminist minds.  So perhaps you should be encouraging us to debate what we see, feel, and think.  Because that will distract me from teaching the future generation not to put up with your brand of bullshit.  We are teaching our children not to put up with misogyny.

So, I highly recommend to the fellow who decided to troll my YouTube channel today by leaving the response above…  Go back to your commenting on your astral projection and UFO conspiracy videos.

You are part of the problem.


5 thoughts on “My Modern Feminist Mind

  1. I find that people advocating that women return to “traditional” roles are often quite content to overlook the precedent for women to be leaders, directors, creators, and to fulfill all kinds of other essential community roles in addition to (or instead of) householders and mothers. These are also traditional roles.

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  2. All I can say is if they think they have problems with the women at full maturity right now, wait until they deal with the upcoming generations, those in their teens and 20’s right now. My daughter is SO FAR ahead of the curve compared with where I was at 27. These men who are terrified of feminine autonomy and power ain’t seen nothing yet.


  3. I also have come across women who claim they are feminists in a male-dominated context of benevolent chivalry. Like a Hellenic polytheist that said she was following the Delphic Maxim of “Rule your wife” and obeyed her husband on that basis, but because it was her choice it’s feminist. (Not linking, cuz I don’t want to argue) I don’t buy it. People need to look at the context in which they are making that choice. I’m cool with people deciding on taking a role that’s traditional, but they need to do it because it’s right for them, not because of their gender.


  4. I can’t love this enough. (Oh, eloquence, oh, victim of NaNoWriMo, will you ever return to me?)

    You remind me why I’m happy to put my head back in the sand, and why “community” work is something I just . . . need to be so very selective about.


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