Spirit-Working Artist Problems

Me: I’m going to draw Freya next.

Loki: Why hello there! *lounges on the couch with no clothes on, eating an apple*

Me: … Hi.  You’re naked.  I’m not going to draw you right now.

Loki: Yes, you are.  Look at me.

Me: … *glares and goes off to do housework instead, muttering about how this isn’t going to end well*

One week later…

Me: *sits down to draw Freya*

Loki: *refuses to let her visualize anything but him nude and eating an apple*

Me: Damn it! *tries again*

Loki: I’m glorious!

Me: Fine!  Fine!  Fine! *grumbles and starts a preliminary figure study of Loki* But you have to cover up a little…  I’m a prude.

Loki: Deal.

Here we go…


9 thoughts on “Spirit-Working Artist Problems

  1. Ouch, that had to be frustrating and annoying to all get out!

    Good thing I literally no longer possess the eyesight to draw or paint as I’m sure some of the Gods would drive me up a wall!

    I’m working on my first attempt at creating Heathen and Pagan crafty items in general, and prayer beads specifically and Odin has been driving me nuts telling me exactly what it needs and not giving an inch until I obtain the proper materials.


  2. Heh Heh! Just like them to set the schedule ;-). I hope Freya isn’t pissed; however, as we all know their relationships are far different than ours to them.


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