Newly Listed This Week & an Upcoming Agon Prize!

It’s been a busy week of business-related stuff… Questioning if I want separate out my jewelry from my religious work and if so how to do so.  Yesterday came with a flash of clarity of what I’m really wanting to do with it, but now I’m stuck sitting with the question of if this high on my priority list of where I want my life to be.

I keep wanting to write about religious and spiritual happenings, but I’ve just not had it in me to do so this week.  Too much praying, meditation, and thinking, I suppose.  Here’s to next week being more wordy.

But for now I’m here to not only show off a couple items that have been listed in my Etsy shop, but give a sneak peek of a prize for an agon I’ll be running until the Ludi Apollinares (July 13th)…

A pair of quartz and antique button earrings by C. Laurentine

I really have to say these are some of my favorite earrings I’ve made.  I’m shamelessly nostalgic, and antique buttons are one of my magpie loves.  Here I’ve taken 2 of them and paired them with lovely crystal quartz briolettes on sterling silver.  These are not your typical beautiful earrings, but they have a certain industrial meets vintage loveliness that’s not always easily found.

Emerald on sterling silver earringsThis is another pair I’m thrilled over.  They’re understated and simple, I realize, but these are high-quality emerald resting on sterling silver.  Sometimes I love nothing more than being able to offer precious stones that can be worn for a number of situations from work to play at a reasonable price.  In this case, you these lovelies are a mere $30.

I’ve been trying to get a listing or 2 up every day, but I’ve not put what I’ve added all into this post today.  Please go and take a look at my Etsy shop when you feel like it.  You won’t be disappointed!

And now for the sneak peek!  I am very excited to get the full post for this up on Sunday with more pictures and rules.  I’m going to be offering a strand of hand-knotted prayer beads on silk.  The strand consists of 80 beads including a full set of artisan-made lampwork, herkimer diamonds, rock quartz, garnet, and sterling silver.  It has a focal piece of Tibetan quartz that I’ve wrapped in sterling as well.  It has a handmade clasp on it for those wishing to wear it as a necklace.  This strand of prayer beads has a rough estimate value of $200.

Detail of prayer beads with round quartz, round garnet, artisan-made glass, and rough herkimer diamond beads

How can you enter into this contest?  Well, my friends, start plotting art and writing in honor of Apollon between now and July 12th, and keep an eye out for more info here on Sunday.