Care to Join Me for a Woo Experiment?

This idea keeps popping into my head and is getting the nod from a certain Fellow in my life, so I’m kindly requesting that if you have inclination to do this, please do so…

For visionaries, travelers, seers, and any other spiritworker that I’m simply blanking out on right now, I am curious about a name/word/sound that continues to show up in my life.  So I even more curious what will happen if others focus on the name/word/sound.

The word is “Owello.”

I promise to explain more sometime in the near future if my theory is correct, but I’m not wanting to influence anyone right now.  If you’re up to joining me in this experiment, I’d appreciate you emailing me what you discovered and experienced at notawiccan(at)gmail(dot)com.  Images you got or anything else, if anything at all, is highly welcomed.


6 thoughts on “Care to Join Me for a Woo Experiment?

  1. My initial thought was Othala, but I also don’t know the runes as well as some. I also want to in tone it or sing it. I haven’t tried. I look at it and think “oh-way-oh” as pronounciation.


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