A New Blog for the New Year

For those of you who are reading my blog with an interest the topics of disability, jewelry, and/or art, I have decided to move a lot of this over to a new blog: Wunderkammer by C. Laurentine.

This blog is going to be focused mainly on religious, spiritual, and death-related topics along with mental health specifically in the Pagan and Polytheist communities.  I’ve decided to do this due to fear that my religious blog was going to be overtaken by my activist work and my art.  It felt kind of weird and not right for some reason.  There will be cross-over from time-to-time, but don’t worry!  I will be sure to post links and reblog when appropriate.

And for those who are here for religion specifically but are raising children, I’m going to spend the next year over at my PaganSquare blog talking on the subject of Syncretic Roman Polytheism and how I’m bumbling through religious education with a pre-schooler.

I look forward to hearing from and talking to everyone in the upcoming year!