Week 2 of the YouTube Pagan Challenge

I’m participating in the YouTube Pagan Challenge for the year, which I’m excited about.  This is a short video for me.  And I apologize to those needing captioning, because I am apparently not getting that figured out today despite trying.

Nerd Synopsis: I am Schrodinger’s Pagan.


4 thoughts on “Week 2 of the YouTube Pagan Challenge

      1. Your video was great; I can’t wait for more. And I think you did wonderful, talking out loud. 🙂 I stumble so much, trying to talk more slowly.

        I’m eager to see your Wheel of the Year video. I recorded mine yesterday (it’s two parts!) and now I want to see all of them! Now!!!!


        1. Thank you! I say “Um” so much that it drives my old public speaking training up the wall. Somehow it’s leaked back into my talking habits.

          I need to start thinking on my Wheel of the Year video. It may end up having to be 2 videos too.

          And yes, I am wanting to see all the videos now as well!


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