The Latest Blog Debate…

People who align with evil to defeat another group perceived as evil is not winning or strengthening anything.  Stop and consider what another person has been saying for a long, long time before agreeing to whatever timely blog post they’ve put up.  Make sure you agree with their message instead of just that blog post, because while what they’re saying could really line up with your current feelings against a bully, they may be, I don’t know…  Not actually in alignment as to what you feel is right and true.

They may be out for power.

They may be waiting to drown you in the well they’ve poisoned.

It is entirely possible to stand in middle ground and say, “Actually, I don’t want either of these realities in my religious world.”

Critical thinking of all sides, even your own, is necessary to make the right choice.

The lesser of the two evils is still evil.

You, my friends, are better than that.


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