Roses, Pulse, and A Quick Note

First, my latest at PaganSquare is up.  I started the month writing a post on the Rosalia rituals of Rome, and when I did that I never thought I would be actively using that information the very same week I sat down to write it.  I didn’t think I’d struggle with whether or not to say anything publicly at all, because I fall into all 3 categories involved in the social media world in regards to Pulse.  I’m an ally to the Latinx and POC communities.  I’m a member of the QUILTBAG community.  I also happen to be bipolar and mentally ill, whose community gets thrown under the bus pretty much any time a mass shooting happens.

Right now to me the most important voices in this are those of the Queer Latinx community, because I’m greatly aware of what they face on a daily basis.  I sincerely hope that my words don’t drown out those voices.  I’ve struggled with trying to figure out if this is a place where my voice was needed or if my listening with an open heart was needed.  Maybe it’s both?

I knew my outrage wasn’t, even if I’m wet hen levels of outraged.  If I can’t tear something down with it, it’s not of use in writing, and right now I’m too tired to tear anything down.

I’m holding off on the bipolar conversation for a while, because I don’t feel like now is the time to talk about it.  But I will talk about it.  Again.

If I’m excessively quiet in the upcoming weeks, it’s because I’m in the middle of moving.  Exactly when I’m not sure of. Probably at the end of next month.  I don’t know where either yet beyond “Not Missouri.”  I keep announcing this basically everywhere with mounting anxiety.  I mean, at least we’ve narrowed it down, I guess?

Life: Where the light at the end of the tunnel is hopefully not a train. Again.

(Please be nice to me, Internet.  Please?)



2 thoughts on “Roses, Pulse, and A Quick Note

    1. Yes! I shared a couple in my W&P blog, but I’m compiling a list and will be sharing as soon as I’ve got more than a handful. I decided last night to start sharing them over on my Facebook feed as I find them, so they will be there, too.

      If you know of any Latinx blogs that you enjoy, please share, because I’d like to add them to my list to read.


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