My Open Door Policy

I am adding this page to encourage those who may feel they have a grievance with something I said or me as a person to come to me with it.  I am as human as they come.  Sometimes what I’m trying to say may not come out the way it sounds in my brain.  Sometimes I might be stuck in my ways and won’t agree.  However, I am truly thrilled to have a civil discussion with anyone that comes to me wishing to have one.

Recently some of us, myself included, have come to understand that the best way to keep peace in our community is by reaching out to talk instead of falling into the habit of assumptions and retaliatory actions.  I would love for you to join me in this endeavor.

So please, if I’ve said something that bothers you or you feel I’ve attacked you in some way, please contact me either through the form provided or leave a comment.

With that note, however, I do moderate comments.  I reserve the right to deny any comment I want to, especially if I feel that there has been a problems historically or comments seem to be gaslighting, using ad hominem fallacy, mudslinging, fear mongering, or diverting from the actual topic at hand.



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