Silence is Never Consent

We have to be careful about the rhetoric we use, especially in a forum that relies completely on written word.  I saw this this morning, and I decided not to address it on Patheos, because I don’t want to derail the conversation on racism that is happening.  At the same time, I am not okay with this:

A Quote from a Patheos blog reading, "Thank you for all your support in this discussion, but especially for this. It explains in great detail exactly why I wrote what I wrote. Silence is consent, and I do not consent to racism in my community." The identity of the quoted has been blurred out.
Identity withheld due to my assumption that the person quoted simply didn’t think this through before saying it since their chances of being raped are statistically less than mine.



By all means, draw lines when you feel they are needed.  Tell me what you don’t consent to even, because that’s really, really important. But silence?  Silence is never consent.  Ever.

I’m not unaware of the necessity for white people speaking out against other white people’s racist BS.  I will even agree that our silence when it comes to issues of white supremacy allows it to continue on.  We need phrases that challenge the tendency in human psychology to fear speaking out when we’re confronted with things that make us uncomfortable in a group.  Silence is compliance is a phrase I’ve used before.  Even compliance is violence.

But as a woman fighting against a world where people are raped and regularly asked what they did to get raped, or even told they can’t be raped due to their gender, I cannot and will not accept the muddying of what consent is by people who proclaim they are for social justice.

If this is acceptable rhetoric to the social justice community within the Pagan community, then I am incredibly disappointed and want no part in it.  While I consider it very bad form to derail conversations about one marginalized group with the plight of another, I think it behooves a person identifying as an ally to keep in mind the choice of words that they use, especially when calling others out.  Especially when one has the ability to stop and really pause to consider their words before hitting the send button.  There’s little excuse for such an egregious misstep in words.

Silence is never consent.

“Silence is consent” is how rape happens in our culture.

Pick a different word.

The only way to consent is to say yes, and if you don’t believe that then you’re as much of a problem to me as a woman as the racist is in the world.

Pick a different damned word for your rhetoric.

Reblog: Priestessing Depression: Why are Pagans So Afraid of Negative Emotions?

It’s much, much harder to priestess the bad stuff in life–the petty revenge fantasies, the tantrums born from exhaustion, the moments of cowardice and greed, all the emotional farts and belches that every single one of us experiences. It’s much harder to be present for these moments, to tend them, to hold them and honor them and truly try to understand them.

But that’s exactly what we need priestesses for.

via Priestessing Depression: Why are Pagans So Afraid of Negative Emotions?.

*applauds* Represent!  This was perfect!

How I Found My Path, Parts 1 & 2 – A Belated Week 1 YouTube Pagan Challenge Video


So I’m the one who can’t sum up how they got onto their path in less than 20 minutes.  It’s complicated, and I expect no one to actually watch my rambling, convoluted story since it takes about 45 minutes.  This is what happens when no one is around to yell, “Get to the point!”

The story of my religious, mystic, and mental health path up to this week…

Freya Portrait

Cross-posting from my art blog.  I’ve decided to release the images I create of the Gods into Creative Commons (non-commercial, non-derivative, with attribution), so snag it for your blog if you would like it.

Wunderkammer by C. Laurentine

The Goddess Freya, face half-covered by her falcon feather cloak. Her eye is an intense blue. She stands in front of a dark blue sky with faintly white clouds.

I received a new graphics tablet for the holidays this year, and it’s been completely awesome.  After a couple of studies of eyes, I started to work on this piece of Freya.  This is my first 100% digital painting, and I’m very pleased with how it turned out.

You can buy prints of this image here.

Note: I have no control over what items my image shows up on from what I can tell, but let me just say I didn’t make the image for a duvet cover.  The tiny picture on it looks ridiculous in the preview photo.  Please don’t buy it. Ha.

Secondly, the works I do of the Gods I have made the decision to offer under Creative Commons for non-commercial use with no derivatives (works based off of it).  If you are interested in a commercial license, please email me at Notawiccan (at) gmail (dot) com…

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A New Blog for the New Year

For those of you who are reading my blog with an interest the topics of disability, jewelry, and/or art, I have decided to move a lot of this over to a new blog: Wunderkammer by C. Laurentine.

This blog is going to be focused mainly on religious, spiritual, and death-related topics along with mental health specifically in the Pagan and Polytheist communities.  I’ve decided to do this due to fear that my religious blog was going to be overtaken by my activist work and my art.  It felt kind of weird and not right for some reason.  There will be cross-over from time-to-time, but don’t worry!  I will be sure to post links and reblog when appropriate.

And for those who are here for religion specifically but are raising children, I’m going to spend the next year over at my PaganSquare blog talking on the subject of Syncretic Roman Polytheism and how I’m bumbling through religious education with a pre-schooler.

I look forward to hearing from and talking to everyone in the upcoming year!