Why My Blog is No Longer I’m Not a Wiccan

After 5 sporadic years of writing on this blog under the name I’m Not a Wiccan, I have decided to change its name. When I started blogging, I had problems finding others like me. It actually has taken me years to search out the pockets of people who believe much like I do. And in 2011 when the major Polytheist versus Pagan linguistic debate started, I decided to continue calling myself a Pagan.

These days I find myself using both terms interchangeably, but since I talk more with self-identifying polytheists, I tend to use that term more and more. Especially since swinging further into a Roman-influenced practice.

I, personally, am bored with the debate. I see a lot of hate being spewed forth by those who are loudest and, for one reason or another, have been allowed to be considered our leaders. These people are not my leaders. These people do not speak for me.

They may use the same terms I lazily use for myself, but they don’t even represent the vast majority of us milling about on the internet – Those of us who are too busy doing the work that so many of them are apt to scream we need to do. These “leaders” are not my people any more than the Neo-Pagans, Wiccans, etc.

Recently I was told by the Gods I serve that it was time for me to speak more on the tradition we’ve been building together, and this is what I plan to do. I am more concerned with my own work and spiritual practice than I am in joining the game of More-Devoted-Than-Thou and whatever general holy roller nonsense that we as a community have allowed to leak in, take control, and poison of our faiths. And this is happening on all sides.

It’s elitism.

I’m not an elitist.

I’m an Apollonian, and I hold the belief that we’re all on our own paths to excellence. I’m no better than the next person. I’m a stone that’s still being polished.

I want temples and social services for our people. I want things to actually change for the better. I don’t have time to sit around debating after this long about polytheism versus paganism, hard versus soft, devotional versus whatever. These debates are typically not even of the thelogical nature, and they’re designed to build a “us versus them” drama that is constantly fueled by ill-concealed hate and the need to be better than someone else. They are the debates that never end. They are debates that take us away from the real issues at hand.

Who cares? What are you doing for the community beyond stirring the pot and making money off of us? Why should I enable your histrionic narcissism?

And so while the address to my blog will still hold the term “Not A Wiccan” in it, I feel it’s time to retire the name. I don’t feel that what I’m not should define me any more than I think what other people do in their private, religious life is any of my business.

There is nothing wrong with being a Wiccan. I have a lot to thank the Wiccan community for, because it’s a lot easier these days to say I’m Pagan and not get my life threatened, which has sadly happened more than once in my nearly 20 years as an open Pagan/Polytheist.

I refuse to add to the nastiness, even with the smallest detail – And so my blogs name must change. Be the change you wish to see, right? Right.


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