March: A Modern Fasti

This is my attempt at putting down what we practice and celebrate in my household.  As one that holds cultus for Apollon, some Hellenic days slip into the mix for both Him and His family. You will also note the incorporation of modern holidays, veneration of historical figures, and personal rites tied to the seasons where I live that embrace the agricultural cycle (as opposed to the solar seasonal).

These will be hyperlinked as soon as they are posted for those who have found this later.

Each of these days will posted on their actual date or shortly thereafter depending on my home schedule.



March (Martius) is considered by most to be the beginning of the Roman religious calender. It is named after Mars, the Father of Rome, and many of the traditional festivals of the month center around Mars and his myth.

  • Kalends March 1st– First day of the month, with rites performed for Juno and Janus
  • Die natalis of Mars, March 1st – Birthday of Mars
  • Matronalia, March 1st – Celebration of mothers and wives, with rites to Juno Lucina
  • Nones, March 7th – Honoring Juno, the Lares, and the Penates
  • Ides, March 15th – Honoring Jupiter
  • Liberalia, March 17th – Festival of Liber Pater and Libera
  • Northward Equinox/First Seeds, March 20/21st – Planting the first seeds of the Spring/Summer garden
  • Final Day, March 30th – Honoring Hecate

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