Open Forum Discussion

There is an exciting and interesting discussion going on over at The Heart of Water. Sannion of The House of Vines was gracious enough to sit down with some of those speaking on Immersive practice within Polytheism to discuss where everyone was standing on what was threatening to become a flamewar. I’ve personally been delighted with the outcome thus far.

Note: We are asking that those not involved at this point refrain from commenting. However, if you have questions to ask me personally, feel free to use the contact form available or leave a comment.

The Heart of Water

Responding to the post Mean People Suck Sannion of House of Vines offered to participate in an open forum to discuss the issue at hand.

Because emotions can get heated and defenses raised I am going to have to restrict who participates in the discussion to only those that are directly involved.

For this side of the discussion that would be the eight people ( five of which made videos about Immersive Polytheism) of whom fall under “that segment of the blogosphere no one pays attention to unless they’re stirring up controversy”

At this writing three of these people have agreed to participate in the open forum: myself (Cora Post), Camilla Laurentine of Foxglove and Firmitas  (who coined the phrase Immersive Polytheism and made the first video on the subject) and Lykeia of Beloved the Light.  If the other five people wish to later join the discussion they are welcome…

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