Looking For Death-Related Prayers and Poems. Help?

I’m currently putting together a guidebook for my work as a death midwife, and eventually I would like to be able to offer the non-copyrighted work to others wishing to get into death work in the Polytheist and Pagan community.

I would really, really love to have a collection of prayers, meditations, and beautifully written words to span various traditions and religions.  I would love to have both historical pieces and modern.

Eventually, I’m considering putting together an anthology of modern work on the subject, but if I take on one more project right now I’ll probably drop everything I’m carefully balancing.  However, if you submit something to me now, I would like to know if when I get to the point of putting something together for the community if you’d like to be included.

And in this vein, I’m also looking for soothing pieces.  Pieces to help people transition to their next journey.  Gentle things.

But also prayers for the deceased once they have ceased to be fully in our world.

So can you help me?  Even just links to your favorite hymns?  And would you kindly pass this message on to those who may be able to help?

Thank you!


12 thoughts on “Looking For Death-Related Prayers and Poems. Help?

  1. Hello there!

    I tried emailing you my inquiry but for some reason it wouldn’t submit….Odd.

    I would like to know more about this, specifically what various things you are exactly looking for and what traditions you are looking to include content for?

    I ask because I am interested to submit some things if possible.


    1. Hi Rob!

      Thank you for letting me know the email isn’t working. I’ll have to check that out and see what’s up.

      As for what I’m looking for… I’m currently looking for pieces to help the dying during the vigiling process, pieces that might help calm them if they’re struggling somehow, a reminder they are loved by their Ancestors, Gods, and people or help them through the process of dying. However, I’m really open to just about anything involving death at this point. Prayers for the soul once it’s left the body, pieces to read to those grieving. Everything and anything. 🙂

      Thank you!


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    Reblogging this to boost the signal: if you have any modern (that you own the copyright to) or ancient/uncopyrighted prayers or blessings for the dying or departed, my friend Camilla (who is a polytheist death midwife) could use your help! She’s trying to put together a resource collection to use in her work with the dying and the grieving.


  3. One of my favorite poems on death, from ancient Egypt: http://www.consolatio.com/2009/06/ancient-egyptian-death-is-before-me-today.html

    Death is before me today:
    like the recovery of a sick man,
    like going forth into a garden after sickness.
    Death is before me today:
    like the odor of myrrh,
    like sitting under a sail in a good wind.
    Death is before me today:
    like the course of a stream;
    like the return of a man from the war-galley to his house.
    Death is before me today:
    like the home that a man longs to see,
    after years spent as a captive.

    –From “Dialogue of a Misanthrope with His Soul” (ca 2000 BC), now called “Dispute between a man and his Ba,” from a papyrus of the Middle Kingdom of Egypt.


  4. I cannot recall if I have written many…although feel free to use anything from my poetry blog. Here is something brief off the cuff.

    O blessed lord, guardian at the headstone.
    You who safe guard the where the bones my ancestors lay
    May in gentle ease you bring me to lie beside them.
    For your arrow shall free me even as your light frees all from sorrow
    And your hands shall with holy ambrosia annoint me at the end of my days,
    You who are the shepherd of all men, the caretaker and destroyer of the living.
    Accept me into your paternal embrace, that I may go in peace to dwell in the halls of my ancestors.


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    Reblogging this because I think it is so interesting and people need to know about this in the hopes of offering their own creations to the mix if possible. The fact that this comes from one of my favorite blogger makes it all the more awesome. I am planning to hopefully add a couple of my own pieces to what feels and seems like an awesome work.


    1. I think I’ve decided to go ahead and write up something for an anthology to post in the next few weeks. I’m going to put a deadline of sometime in February on it, since I’m probably moving across the country in between here and there.

      For my personal guidebook, which I’ll be offering for free to the community as soon as I’ve got it somewhat put together, it will be a work in progress to be updated regularly, so my deadline is pretty fluid. 🙂

      You can send it in to notawiccan@gmail.com with Death Writing in the subject line. Either typed out in the body with information on yourself to be included or in a word or open office file works great.

      Thank you SO MUCH! I am so excited to see what comes from this!


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