Letter to a New Spirit Worker (pt. II)

The Road, the Walker, and What Comes Next

Dear You,

If the Powers and Potencies can be said to have one shared, defining characteristic, it might dynamism. Their ability to effect change manifests in more ways than we are even aware of, though we try to make sense of these sacred personalities by outlining the ways in which their dynamism is most obvious to us and our interests. This is why we say one Power is like lightening while another is like the slow inexorable pace of a glacier. This is why we say one Power is related to love spells and high wild windy places and tiny Shetland ponies and another is related to the depths of computer networks. It’s all just various avenues of potential change.

It’s helpful to remember that this dynamism is a naturally arising property of their being; they can’t not act and they can’t not cause change through their proximity. Sometimes they…

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2 thoughts on “Letter to a New Spirit Worker (pt. II)

  1. This is superb and such a clear explanation of what I knew but had not put together well enough to have it be incredibly useful and a necessary reminder. Thank you!


    1. No need to thank me for the reblog. 🙂 Silence Maestas is a fantastic source for those of us on this path, and I’m always finding myself nodding to his words. His book is one of the first I hand to students, too! I would be derelict to not reblog the pieces that speak to me. 🙂


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