Oracle Update #2 (The Let Me Tell You About My Week Edition)

Me on Sunday: I’m gonna finish the oracles by Monday!

Universe: *chortles* Noooo, think again. Your in-laws have decided to stay an extra night.

Me on Monday: Okay, that’s fine.  We’ve not gotten to visit in a long time.  An extra day isn’t bad, right? I will take Tuesday off of everything to rest, so I don’t get have a flare up of anything.  Wednesday is a great day for oracle.

Universe on Wednesday: Okay. Cool. Here’s a flare up anyway of both your fibromyalgia and your migraines. While we’re at it, let’s throw hormones into the mix, too! OH! OH! The person who helps you watch your daughter so you have a few hours to yourself? Yeah, their house is going to come down with the stomach flu this week, rendering them unable to help out.

Me on Wednesday: … Sorry, everyone waiting. I promise as soon as I can get a moment to myself that doesn’t involve me curled in the fetal position.  Friday at the very latest, please?  Please?


4 thoughts on “Oracle Update #2 (The Let Me Tell You About My Week Edition)

    1. During winter, I should just automatically add an entire month to every deadline I set for myself. Oof. But on the plus side, embroidery on Loki’s portrait is getting done due to heat pad sitting this evening!

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