State of the Meganne Address

Last night while I was trying to meditate, my cat came and threw up in front of me. Thanks, Mouse. Way to completely challenge my budding meditation routine.

There are so many things going on right now in my apartment, and I’m really happy about it – Save for my Siamese cat having such a finicky stomach. Mainly it’s stuff that I’m doing.

The Pagan Book Club starts today, and I’m really, really excited. Evolutionary Witchcraft has been a sort of call to home for me so far. It’s been so utterly intuitive. I really look forward to incorporating some of it into my practice. I also look forward to having people to discuss with, because I think it’s going to bring such a fuller experience to learning.

Then there are my wands that I’m working on. My friend, Deronda, was kind enough to send me some willow branches from her tree (despite feeling goofy sending sticks through the mail), and my mother was sweet enough to let me run off with her crystals. One is for me, one is a gift, and one is possibly for selling (I’m thinking about opening a secondary Etsy store for my random Pagan-related crafts). I plan on having a full blog post about how I made my wands.

I have my new altar to dedicate on the next full moon, which is coming up really fast! There’s a lot of cleaning to be done on the bedroom because of it, and it’s just not going as quickly as I’d like it to. I have to remind myself that slow and steady win the race – Though I will probably end up having one giant marathon cleaning to get it done since I work the next two days. I plan on having another full blog post on this, too.

I’ve had a lot of fun lately looking up things on herbalism. This has been one of my interests since I was a little girl, but lately I’ve been more serious about it. I really want to find something to help with my fatigue if at all possible, but it gets more complicated with all of my prescriptions.

The bay leaves for my ants unfortunately haven’t worked. I’m going to suck it up and resort to a borax mix to get rid of them, I’m afraid. I hate killing the little buggers, but the last thing I need is a full-blown invasion of them into my home – Mr. NaW(the boyfriend) would freak out.

Okay, that’s it for now. Hopefully I will have the energy to update tomorrow on something… Anything at all. Until next time!


2 thoughts on “State of the Meganne Address

  1. I'm glad that everything is going well. Except the cat puke, of course. Cats do have a way of yanking us back to the present, don't they? I can't wait to hear about your wands and etsy store! I set a store up way back when but never had time to stock!


  2. Sorry to hear about your meditation 'gift' from your cat. My cats have this lovely habit of jumping on me while I'm meditating. Makes for an interesting practice… At least my heart gets a good workout!Best of luck!


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